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Arsenal Tracksuits in Nairobi

Arsenal Tracksuits in Nairobi
Arsenal Tracksuits in Nairobi
Arsenal Tracksuits in Nairobi, Kenya, USA.

“It’s not fair to me to let some of these big brands down,” he said, adding that he also hoped this could help to educate local media in Kenya about the dangers of indoor cycling.

He went on to add that it is not likely those companies with the funding will make any improvements, arguing that the country needs an adequate public transportation system, and that the government could work together with other sponsors to create a more comprehensive plan to address the country’s problems. He stated that the Kenyan government was looking for an outside consultant to do some of the work and will look at the matter with its own resources.
Nairobi has a population of 1.6 million people, compared to that of 20 million around the world. This year there were almost 300,000 incidents of cycling in Nairobi’s capital alone. The city has more than 1 million residents. A series of lawsuits, the largest ever brought by a foreign country against cycling, resulted in massive fines in 2006.

The city’s current mayor Tukuli Abengoa has faced the scrutiny of local political parties because of her opposition to cycling in Africa, and now she has been forced to step down as mayor.

Last month he was embroiled in political feud with local and local media, and even forced to apologize to local members of Parliament for remarks and actions that his supporters took in opposition to cycling.


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